Salmagundi #176 features an essay on the suicide of Colonel Theodore S. Westhusing in Iraq by Peter Fosl and a sharp exchange about the piece with Stewart Justman.

Here’s the opening of Fosl’s essay along with the redacted document reproduced in his reply to Justman:

On the hot, clear afternoon of June 5, 2005, US Army Col. Theodore S. Westhusing, after meeting with private contractors and a few colleagues, retreated to room 602A of the trailer where he’d been temporarily billeted near the Baghdad airport. The day’s meetings had been unusually tense and difficult, their aftermath even worse. There alone, at some point during the next few hours, in that 10 by 38 ft space containing little more than a bed, a bathroom, and a small desk, after scrawling a note to his commanders and family, Westhusing placed the barrel of his Beretta 9 mm pistol behind his left ear and blew his brains out.